Thursday, March 31, 2011


During the past 14 years, I've drawn many, many "Pluggers" cartoons about old cars and trucks. Some of the vehicles are actual old Fords or Chevys, but most are just "hybrids" that I draw from remembering basically how they looked, more or less.  I will be posting some of these old cartoons on this blog from time to time, and this one was from December 19, 2001. To see current "Pluggers" cartoons online, go to:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Gary with "A Coat of Many Colors"

Me at the opening of "Each One Invites One" at McBride Gallery in Annapolis on Sunday, March 20. Cynthia McBride had five gallery artists each invite a guest artist they admire. My friend Ed Hatch, a wonderful landscape painter from Prince George County, asked me to exhibit in the show. There was an introduction of the guest painters by the gallery artists and a discussion of "what makes a great painting." I think Ed summed up my work pretty well . . . he said I was an old rust bucket and if art was music, I would be Hank Williams (Sr.) . . . I loved that! It was nice to meet the other artists and patrons (an excellent turnout)  . . . and an added bonus was the sale of one of my paintings, "Geezers of the Sea!"

"A Coat of Many Colors" (Disputanta, Virginia)

24" x 30" (Detail)

"How Green Was My Chevy" (Dinwiddie County, Virginia)

9" x 12"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Geezers of the Sea" (Watson Bayou, Florida)

12" x 16" (Sold)

"Too Old to Plow" (Beaverdam, Virginia)

12" x 16"

"C is for Choo-Choo"

5" x 7"

"Follow That Bird"

5" x 7"

"Old Ford Eyes" (Ladysmith, Virginia)

12" x 12" (Sold)

"Cool Yellow '46 Nash" (Bowling Green, Virginia)

16" x 20" (Sold)

"Old Yeller" (Ladysmith, Virginia)

12" x 12"  (Sold)

"No More Rovin'" (Pine Island, South Carolina)

8" x 10"

This study was for a large, four by six foot oil painting that now hangs in the entry of a home on Pine Island, not far from the old, abandoned Land Rover off the main road.

"Packard" (Asheville, North Carolina)

9" x 12" (Sold)

"Evening Shower" (Eufaula, Alabama)

9" x 12"  (Sold)

"Ford Tough" (Ladysmith, Virginia)

18" x 24"  (Sold)

"Popeye" (Goochland, Virginia)

12" x 16"  (Sold)

"Retired Iron Worker" (Goochland, Virginia)

12" x 16"  (Sold)