Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Rusty Rooster"

9 x 12, oil on panel


  1. Also very nice. Love the whole perspective of seeing of through the window frame there. That's perfect.

  2. Very nice artwork! Question, do you paint from images in your head or from pictures on hand? I was just wondering because I am sure its tough to get a chicken to hold still for a painting!! Haha. I agree with Rev though, doing the painting as if seeing it through a window frame really makes the art take on its own story. Very cool.

  3. This little rooster, along with some hens, was in a very nice little coop by the road in an upscale neighborhood near where I live. I went by and took a bunch of pictures, which I used for the painting. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks after I was by there, I heard someone broke in and took them all. Last time I went by, they hadn't been replaced. Really a shame, as they were great looking little chickens.