Friday, March 29, 2013

'52 Chevy


  1. Gary!
    Another great cartoon! Reminds me of my our 1964? Corvair! My first car! Think of it all the time!
    Keep making great art Gary!
    Thank you!

  2. Ahhhh ... first car-love affair!

    She was Gidget, a black, sporty Honda CRXsi I received for Christmas. After serving me well for years working at Disneyland and driving back and forth to college on Orange County freeways, I sold her to a fellow whom lived in Big Bear, up in the mountains, year-round. He needed something for the winter months, when he couldn't ride his motorcycle deftly.

    When he came to buy her, he came with two big, burly biker friends. I mentioned to one of them that her name was Gidget and how I loved her. After the exchange of funds for keys, he said, "Thanks! Awesome car!" He burly pal replied, somewhat harshly, "The car has a name! She's Gidget. Respect that."

    Makes me happy every time I see a little, black CRX whiz by on the road. In fact, I think I saw her, parked just down the street at the beach last week. Wouldn't that be lovely?